Wednesday, 24 October 2012

home with you

It will be hard to get this house out of my heart. Whilst it's tested us - there's something about having crafted it ourselves that's made it stick. Knowing where all the cornice joins are, where the bits of plastering that worked out well and where the lumps and bumps that got the better of us hide. How we wrangled each floorboard into submission and where I wish I hadn't placed the knotty looking ones. Where the slightly wonky walls make the skirting stick out too far and where the ones are that worked out just right... and of course the design and decoration that sat in my head for years and has now been realised.

We are almost there now, all the structural work is finished and most of the trades are done (some electrical, tiling and plumbing to go) and we're on our own now to finish some plastering and then lots of painting (interior and exterior). So I gave this beautiful print by Merrilee at Tuesday Mourning to the Lovely One and the Babes as a 'nearly there' gift this week, because whilst this house has consumed us this last 18 months... it is nothing without them.