Sunday, 28 August 2011

would you like a side order of play dough with that?

Playdough continues to be a favourite activity in our house and never goes out of style. Hours of work went into the Babes playdough feast... it included hand printed menus and 2 very charming waitresses... delicious.

fridge magnets

I have been making these little fridge magnets as gifts (4 magnets in a pack). Super easy.


  • I used some of my screen prints but you could use beautiful printed paper, your drawings, your kids drawings, photos etc.
  • Self adhesive magnet sheets (art supply shops)
  • Mod Podge or any paper lacquer
  • Packaging if you like

1. It's as simple as taking your paper, peeling the backing of the magnetic sheet and placing on the back of the paper.
2. Use a cutting knife and board to cut magnets to the required size.
3. Lacquer with Mod Podge (I used the matt version)
4. The packaging is just clear cellophane bags from a discount store and I used a tree stamp on the corner of the label.

Nice Chrissy presents? I think I'll make some with the Babes drawings for their grandparents.

Friday, 19 August 2011

water hole

After feeling very excited back in early July that our Development Application had been approved, we've now had a long six weeks waiting to finalise the Construction Certificate for the pool. We have spent more time than I ever imagined chasing documentation and paying fees and feeling a bit despondent about it all...

... then finally yesterday, they came and they destroyed. Mud as far as the eye can see and a huge hole that's filling with water. For the two babes it's paradise... they've fished, they've climbed mountains, they've dug for treasure then dinosaurs ... and for Audrey it's digging and mud-rolling heaven. For us... as the rain pours down... it's kind of a nightmare... and we're both in a strange daze that after more than 2 years of planning... it's real... it's all begun.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

pears anyone? - a corner of home

These beautiful stone pears are a gift from the Lovely-One. They sit by on the hearth by the fire near the felt pebbles. It was a beautiful surprise to receive them.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

one world, many stories

For the last few years I've been helping the Librarian up at the Babe's school with the displays for Australia's annual Book Week celebrations.

Again there are some beautiful children's stories this year - Mirror by Jeannie Baker and Family Forest being two of my favourites - but the best thing this year is the theme. 'One World, Many Stories' has both beautiful sentiment and also huge creative scope. So this week the kids at school are busy creating all the little pieces (different elements that we've given them to illustrate the different books) and we will pull them all together into a display. So this week I'm all about 'the world' as I will try to create hot air balloons from globes, big foyer posters and wall art and bunting made of chopped up Atlas'.

Which brings me to this post and this beautiful collection of paper globes from Geografia (above)... I can see a few hanging from string in our new study already. Actually, there's a whole bunch of stuff on the NoteMaker website that would look quite nice in our new study....   hmmmmm....

Monday, 1 August 2011

make lace, not war - love lace

Linda Galbraith - Steeped in Memory
Photo: Sotha Bourn - Copyright Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Extraordinary exhibition on at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney at the moment. Incredible works with lace ... I'm in absolute awe. More at Powerhouse website.