Sunday, 28 August 2011

fridge magnets

I have been making these little fridge magnets as gifts (4 magnets in a pack). Super easy.


  • I used some of my screen prints but you could use beautiful printed paper, your drawings, your kids drawings, photos etc.
  • Self adhesive magnet sheets (art supply shops)
  • Mod Podge or any paper lacquer
  • Packaging if you like

1. It's as simple as taking your paper, peeling the backing of the magnetic sheet and placing on the back of the paper.
2. Use a cutting knife and board to cut magnets to the required size.
3. Lacquer with Mod Podge (I used the matt version)
4. The packaging is just clear cellophane bags from a discount store and I used a tree stamp on the corner of the label.

Nice Chrissy presents? I think I'll make some with the Babes drawings for their grandparents.

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  1. Love love Clare! Love popping back in here. That tree stamp is lovely too x


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