Friday, 19 August 2011

water hole

After feeling very excited back in early July that our Development Application had been approved, we've now had a long six weeks waiting to finalise the Construction Certificate for the pool. We have spent more time than I ever imagined chasing documentation and paying fees and feeling a bit despondent about it all...

... then finally yesterday, they came and they destroyed. Mud as far as the eye can see and a huge hole that's filling with water. For the two babes it's paradise... they've fished, they've climbed mountains, they've dug for treasure then dinosaurs ... and for Audrey it's digging and mud-rolling heaven. For us... as the rain pours down... it's kind of a nightmare... and we're both in a strange daze that after more than 2 years of planning... it's real... it's all begun.

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  1. How exciting - finally! Wish I could send boys over to play in all that lovely mud!


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