Sunday, 7 August 2011

one world, many stories

For the last few years I've been helping the Librarian up at the Babe's school with the displays for Australia's annual Book Week celebrations.

Again there are some beautiful children's stories this year - Mirror by Jeannie Baker and Family Forest being two of my favourites - but the best thing this year is the theme. 'One World, Many Stories' has both beautiful sentiment and also huge creative scope. So this week the kids at school are busy creating all the little pieces (different elements that we've given them to illustrate the different books) and we will pull them all together into a display. So this week I'm all about 'the world' as I will try to create hot air balloons from globes, big foyer posters and wall art and bunting made of chopped up Atlas'.

Which brings me to this post and this beautiful collection of paper globes from Geografia (above)... I can see a few hanging from string in our new study already. Actually, there's a whole bunch of stuff on the NoteMaker website that would look quite nice in our new study....   hmmmmm....


  1. Thanks for the link Ms Enabler! Gorgeous products. Do you remember Granny May's? Had flash backs to my 10year old self's stationary obsession with Little Twin Stars, rubbers, Hello Kitty etc etc! Those globes are beautiful. There is a gorgeous pink bamboo one I would love!

  2. ps - what a great mum you are too!! Hope you put up a pic when you are finished


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