Sunday, 28 August 2011

would you like a side order of play dough with that?

Playdough continues to be a favourite activity in our house and never goes out of style. Hours of work went into the Babes playdough feast... it included hand printed menus and 2 very charming waitresses... delicious.

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  1. Yes thank you I would actually. Noah would be in his absolute element if he could attend one of these bashes. I still love checking out all the new playdough toys at the toy store.

    Ps He has Sea Monkeys!! Mum bought them over. Have the girls gone through a sea monkey stage at all? Noah saw the old advert from an ancient Archie comic I had. Not quite as good in real life as they are in the pictures ha! He asked me where their hands were and why they're not waving at him!


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