Thursday, 7 July 2011

grazed knees and climbing trees

Grazed Knees and Climbing Trees

I've have just finished some larger format etchings (500mm x 500mm) using drypoint technique - see above and below- where I've re-envigorated some earlier plates and put them together to tell a new story.

I'm also currently studying wood-cut relief printing with the Roslyn Kean (who's thoroughly amazing) and might have some examples to show soon. It's very different process, all hand printed without a printing press and water based inks - so no chemicals. Loving it very much.

Sunshine and Shadows

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  1. Gorgeous Clare. Big boys coming home tonight and my lovely Clare Young originals are coming home with them yah! Can't wait to unpack their bags! Love these new story boards. I did wood block carvings for my HSC major work and loved the feel of the ??? tool gliding through and cutting the wood. Can't wait to see these new ones!