Monday, 26 September 2011

falling balls

In the thick of pre-reno planning now with all the administration that comes before the build. The pool is well underway and I am super happy with my choice of granite pavers - I promise to write an entry about the journey to natural stone for anyone trying to make a similar choice soon (definately ignore it if you're not).

House Construction Certficate underway, I am now a qualified Owner-Builder, complete with OH&S Certificate, and very much consumed by banks, insurance companies and Council whilst trying to bargain down quotes for structural steel, windows and doors, timber flooring, pool fencing and the rest. Longing for a time when it will be about choosing white bathroom tiles, white kitchen cabinets and white paint for the walls... but for now it's just juggling lots of paperwork balls in the air ... and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they land in the right place!

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  1. Oh My Gosh Clare - how fantastic. That is amazing. I love how you are all in there with your sleeves up dealing with structural steel quotes. I'm not suprised of course (oh woman of many talents) but I was thinking you would be all 'which shade of white tile' not all hanging out in steel workshops talking engineering and fabrication!! Although again - not the least bit suprised really. Just super impressed. Sounds like an absolute full time job!!! Congratulations!


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