Tuesday, 15 November 2011


It's been a long time between posts and that's certainly a reflection of progress. The Certifier has signed off the pool and the hose went in yesterday! So assuming the sun returns, the girls will be swimming in the new pool on Saturday (still too cold for me). It ended up being a 12 week build which includes the great big granite terrace so I'm really pleased with timeframes. There are of course a few details that I'm slightly less than happy with (all of which only Lovely One, my family and I will ever really notice) but overall I think it's been a huge success. No detailing yet... pots, chairs, lighting etc... so whilst the bones are solid... it doesn't yet fit the picture in my head. I will photograph when it's finished and hopefully rave then!

Part of the reason for my slightly tempered excitement is that the footings for the new extension were also poured yesterday so we open the backdoor to mountains of dirt and rock again (this is the 3rd set of excavations so far) and need to clamber over fields of mud before we get to the pool terrace (all of which gets brought inside each day with Audrey and the girls).

I'm also deep in logistics again (bricklayers, plumbers, concreters, roofing quotes etc) but I know that when it's got a concrete slab over it all in a few weeks I'll be feeling a bit more "yee-ha".

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