Tuesday, 17 April 2012

unexpected surprises

There is much of the renovation journey that can be predicted. I have imagined this extension for several years so much of it is about realising the vision of the spaces, the structure, the furnishings, the light. There is also much about renovating that is unpredictable and annoying, like rock where you want to excavate and sand where you want to lay a concrete slab, dodgy steel frames that and need to be constantly worked around, rain and more rain slowing the whole process down.

...and then there are the unexpected surprises...

Last week the piano was moved (from what was my Studio) into the main house and ever since the house has been filled with music. The Babes love playing it and I have even shaken off the cobwebs and my body seems to be remembering the tunes of 8 years of study when I was young. At other times the Lovely One has been translating his guitar tunes to the keys. It's beautiful.

Then there's the birds. I have always loved wandering into the garden to see the birds but of course they keep their distance once I arrive. However this week, with the power tools off and my paintbrush in hand, I have for the first time been up in the garden with them - in the quiet - and been overwhelmed but just how many visitors call our garden home. It's been very humbling.

Then last night I had the portable lights rigged up inside the extension and went to the back of the garden to close the rabbits up for the night. I looked back on the new house with the internal lights on for the first time. Of course it's still a building site, but it gave an impression of how evenings will be, and it was fabulous.

Finally, the Babes. I cannot thank them enough for the patience and grace they have shown these last 6 months. Of course there are another 6 months to come, but through it all they have just gone with the flow and endured it better than me. When there was mud they sploshed, when there was concrete slabs they scooted, when there were timber frames they climbed. They haven't complained at the loss of garden, the barriers and hurdles, the increase in noise, the ever-present strangers in the form of builders, roofers, pool guys and plumbers... it has been an unexpected surprise and I am eternally grateful.


  1. So beautifully written Clare. Children always delight in the unexpected, the best toys and fun are usually found all around us.

  2. Beautiful to read Clare. It gave me goosebumps! I can't wait to come and visit you all.


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