Monday, 14 May 2012

just plain busy

Flat out now. Any time spent not working or child minding is spent building. The Lovely One is putting up the Gyprock sheets and I'm following close behind plastering - and like most things in a renovation - it's taking longer than we hoped. We're trying to finish the kitchen/living/dining by July 1 (the start of the next school holidays) and leaving everything else to the latter 6 months of the year.

We're both very focussed and when we're in the thick of it we still seem to be able to laugh about it all... so I think we're still on track. However I am constantly reminded that a self-build is never as romantic as you think it will be. Just have to keep the overall vision and then do the hard work, it's all just hard work in the end.

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  1. Go Clare! (and lovely one) inspired love xo


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