Thursday, 24 January 2013


'Do more of what makes you happy.'

We bought this table about 9 years ago. It was made with reclaimed timber but had been painted with bright orange estapol. It entertained many an event at our old place on the back verandah. I think it was dirt cheap because it takes a couple of weight lifters to move it anywhere and I suspect they were happy to see it leave.

Of course we didn't have anywhere to put it in the old cottage, nor did the garden have any undercover space, so it has been left rather neglected in the garden for the last 5 years.

This week The Lovely One downed tools and did more of what makes him happy, furniture restoration. Many hours of cleaning and sanding and a few coats of beeswax later and it's now starting a new life as our beautiful dining room table. Thank you, thank you ... always.

New pebbles print on wall behind. 

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  1. Hello Clare, I would love to show your house in my blog and all the clever renovations and designs touches, is there any way you can take some nice photos like the ones above and send them to me? bug enough so I can show them well. Plus a brief story about the renovation. Regards from London. Marga


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