Thursday, 7 February 2013

addicted to chocolate

One set of hooks from Margarita at Chocolate Creative (dresses below) just wasn't enough so I've added a new set in the outdoor room by the pool (towels above).

Hopefully everyone else (i.e. small people) will also find them irresistible and choose to hang their wet towels on them... rather than in a puddle on the floor.

Always beautiful Margarita, thank you... again.

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  1. ahh nice, you know what, I lost the images you sent me together with lot more emails. I got a new iMac and I was transffering the data from the old one to the new one when I realised I messed up my emails, so bad, I will send a newsletter in the next few months to do the competition again as due to loosing the data I wasn't able to get the images or names anymore...


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