Thursday, 30 June 2011

what's in a name?

Well the Young bit is fairly self explanatory and the Audrey is our gorgeous dog. I've been creating art under my own name clare young for some years and more recently have developed some crafty works under the name young audrey. Audrey seemed a perfect inclusion in the name because she sleeps at my feet all day while I work in my studio, so she's been my main collaborator (of sorts).

However she also represents a life change - my daughters marked the first break from my corporate career, but in the end, inner city living meant a much more demanding mortgage and less space to think and Audrey represents our decision to move to the suburbs, to space, a big garden, ever expanding vegie patch and a home with a studio that I could call my own ... and of course the space for an adored family dog in the backyard (the rabbits and fish came later). So it's really been the arrival of two beautiful daughters and one crazy dog that has allowed me to explore my dream of 'creating' in a more focussed and dedicated way.

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  1. Yah I am so so happy (understatement) you are here Clare! Really looking forward to following youngaudrey! xox


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