Tuesday, 7 February 2012


We have decided on an engineered, lightly limewashed oak floor for the kitchen/living/dining (above right) that I can purchase direct from the manufacturer and we can install ourselves which will make it much more affordable. So now I need to choose the carpet for the stairs and downstairs living room. I prefer darker carpet in high traffic areas - it shows white fluff but hides all the splodgy stains that kids and a dog deliver. So I went to the carpet shop with my mind wide open to possibilities and despite best efforts to explore all the new options... I just kept coming back to the carpet we had in our last houses in Surry Hills and Randwick (see Cavalier Bremworth loop pile left)... though I also liked the plush pile in the same colour (see middle). So... is this good because I obviously know what I like and I should just go with it? Or... is this bad that I'm boring and staid and need to branch out? Or... perhaps more importantly... are there far more significant things happening in the world that I should be worrying about!

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