Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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'At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again'.
Mary Anne Rodmacher

Today they have broken through the back wall of the house to join up the new extension and the old house... and I feel all wobbly. Somehow living through it all up until now, project managing every step, it's always been a separate project happening in the backyard, kind of separate from family life. Of course I've had complete nightmare days and many bits have gone wrong along the way, but over all it's just been one big problem solving exercise, made up of daily smaller problem solving exercises. Then (almost) suddenly there's this massive structure of steel and timber and concrete behind us ... and the cladding is soon to be added to take it to 'lock-up'.

However all the while we've still been grooving along in our little 2 bedroom cottage, living the life. So today, as I packed up the last of the toys into plastic boxes and the inevitable plumes of dust broke into the house I stood there thinking "Oh ... this is it ... this is the real deal ... now there's really no turning back"... and now I'm all wobbly.

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  1. Wobble.....Breathe....wobble......breathe...
    This is the beginning of the best bit
    It's breaking to let new light shine in
    Soon you will be dancing over all the boundaries...
    As if they were never there at all.
    Wish I was, however.
    Skip and dance for me.
    Or wobble a bit - its much the same thing.


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