Tuesday, 28 February 2012

koskela's new store

I first met Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky in 2000 through my lovely friends Deb and Thomas. One lunchtime, Deb took me to visit Russel and Sasha at their new studio in a small upstairs Surry Hills warehouse - Koskela had been born. It was a small space with a few of the incredibly beautiful new pieces they had designed and they were both embarking on a complete life change and an amazing new adventure. At the time, we had only wandered a few streets from our Surry Hills office for the visit but in terms of adventures, I felt as though I had walked onto another planet.  I was in the depths of exhausting corporate culture at Boston Consulting Group back then and these guys were living a wonderful, creative dream... I was smitten.

Now... all these years later... they have grown and grown and have now opened retail paradise. The Design Files has a wonderful write up about their latest venture (and Briar also has some photo's over at Sunday Collector)... smitten, smitten, smitten.

Images from koskela.com.au


  1. beautiful project!

  2. such wonderful sweet words, thank you so much! please do let us know if you plan on visiting our new space in Rosebery, we would love to show you around.


  3. I am having serious Sydney envy now!
    So very lovely and Very clever. a great vision that continues...In various incarnations. Much like your own


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